Music Stand

Music to my ears!!

If you have a musician in the household then you’ll no doubt have a ready-made iPad stand for your indoor turbo training sessions!  A music stand makes an ideal holder for your tablet if you’re using it for a training app, music or just to catch up on your favourite programme to whilst your legs […]

Time for a restart

New year, new bike, new resolutions but then January throws rain, snow and a nasty flu bug in your face!  I think my new year needs to start later in the calendar preferably around Springtime, but hey I’ll try restarting this year again at Chinese New Year and see how we go from there

The finishing touch

It’s amazing what you can do with a Santa hat and a set of lights from a Pound shop! My helmet is all set for the festive season and has already put a smile on a few people’s faces. Wishing all fellow cyclists a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays ???

In awe…

Having been out and about on my bike more this year than ever before, I find myself totally in awe of our Olympic champion cyclists and all other British professional cyclists. I take my hat of (or helmet as the case may be) to anyone who perseveres through the grass roots of cycle racing to […]

In full swing

Having signed up to lead at least 5 social rides this year as well as running the ladies leisure rides for our local club, I’ve now passed my basic first aid course (here’s hoping that nobody injures themselves under my watch) and I’ve already lead 2 social rides and been out on 3 ladies leisure […]

Put a smile on your face

Having pimped my ride by adding a simple but cheap accessory to my basket, I now have something that brightens up my commute to work on a gloomy day!  

Back in the saddle

It’s been a little while since my last post but following a sneaky break from cycling to pursue my other passion on the piste as well as coming down with a short illness I am now back in the saddle and liking the spring-like weather. I’m now officially an Assistant Ride Leader (just need to […]

All signed up

I am excited to say I have just registered to take part in a British Cycling Ride Leader Course.  Once I’ve taken the course I’ll be expected to lead at least 5 rides this year.  I’ll advertise the dates and locations on my events page as when they are organised.  My husband chuckled and said […]

Super Heros required

This week I found myself in the middle of the Derby Velodrome.  It wasn’t a cycling related visit and the arena wasn’t in use by cyclists on the day, but it gave me the opportunity to see the track in the ‘flesh’ and to appreciate the size, scale and gradient of the banking.  All I […]

Santa takes to pedal power

For girls out there who have a desire to get fit, loose some weight and generally feel healthier but don’t want to spend a fortune on joining a gym in case they don’t like it or are unsure that they’ll stick at it then consider whether you have a bike tucked away abandoned somewhere in the […]