Local Sports Award

Recognition is much appreciated…

So last week, my cycling group won an award at our local annual sports awards.  This was in recognition of the enormous amount of effort we have put in this year to encourage more women to get out on their bikes no matter what their level of fitness or their cycling ability.  We have strived […]

A little goes a long way…

Having completed a few bike fits this year, it has been interesting talking with other cyclists both male and female, finding out what issues they face whilst out on their bikes. We all know that everybody is different but it’s intriguing to discover how a very small subtle change in the setup of just one […]

Size matters!

It’s all about the size or is it?!  So I was approached last week by a fellow cyclist about the possibility of a bike fit session.  My initial question was naturally what’s the reason for wanting a bike fit and they replied because my new bike is just not comfortable.  It transpired that they had […]

National Bike Week

We’re looking forward to celebrating the start of National Bike Week by taking part in the annual Mallory Mile, an evening of traffic free cycling round our local Motor Sport Circuit. I’d encourage anyone who’s thinking about giving cycling a go to grab a bike and a helmet and get down to Mallory Park in […]

Cyclepath Commute

Smug cycling…

There’s something quite satisfying about bypassing stationary traffic on your way to work.  Puts a smile on my face anyway!

Time to step up the pace…

We’ve signed up to ride the Tour of Cambridgeshire which means I now have my first goal of 2018 to train for. Riding in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support I feel the pressure is on to clock up the miles and sort out my average speed. Really looking forward to riding a closed road event.

Come rain or shine!

After the seamlessly never ending winter that we’ve had this year I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one looking forward to some brighter, warmer, dryer weather.  Having said that I have strangely been enjoying my recent short commutes to work in the rain!  One quick piece of advice I’d give particularly at this time […]

Music Stand

Music to my ears!!

If you have a musician in the household then you’ll no doubt have a ready-made iPad stand for your indoor turbo training sessions!  A music stand makes an ideal holder for your tablet if you’re using it for a training app, music or just to catch up on your favourite programme to whilst your legs […]

Time for a restart

New year, new bike, new resolutions but then January throws rain, snow and a nasty flu bug in your face!  I think my new year needs to start later in the calendar preferably around Springtime, but hey I’ll try restarting this year again at Chinese New Year and see how we go from there