Size matters!

It’s all about the size or is it?!  So I was approached last week by a fellow cyclist about the possibility of a bike fit session.  My initial question was naturally what’s the reason for wanting a bike fit and they replied because my new bike is just not comfortable.  It transpired that they had assumed that buying a new bike which was labelled as the same ‘size’ as their old bike meant that it should feel the same to ride.  Just because two bikes are listed as the same size does not mean that they will feel exactly the same to ride. Different makes and models all differ in their frame geometry.  The seat tube may measure the same but the top tube may differ in length, the angle of the tube may differ, this is to name but a few.  There are around 15 different angles and measurements that make up the geometry of a bicycle frame that can easily differ slightly on each make and model. The moral of this story is… if you are thinking of replacing a bike that you feel comfortable on then take a few measurements and compare these to that flashy new bike you have your eye on.  And don’t forget that a cycle made for a different discipline will vary in its geometry for example time trial versus road bike or road bike versus cyclo cross.

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