Santa takes to pedal power

For girls out there who have a desire to get fit, loose some weight and generally feel healthier but don’t want to spend a fortune on joining a gym in case they don’t like it or are unsure that they’ll stick at it then consider whether you have a bike tucked away abandoned somewhere in the back of a shed or garage!

You might then think well OK I have a bike but how do I get into cycling? It might santabikesound like a strange question but it somehow seems difficult to get on a bike and go for a ride when you’re not used to it. My advice would be to put yourself up for a charity ride. This way you have a goal and a purpose for getting on that bike. Recently I did a ‘Santa Ride’ organised santashoeslocally by a local charity. It was all of 7 miles on-road and off-road. A very muddy but enjoyable experience and all the more fun because of the theme and time of the year. It was well organised with marshals on route, a back-up vehicle and mechanical assistance if required. No-one was left behind, it didn’t matter if you were speedy gonzales or a snail!

My daughter found her love for cycling when we took it upon ourselves to do our own sponsored ride for Sport Relief. She challenged herself to ride every street, road and close in our village.  She rode the challenge over a period of weeks and covered around 75 miles in total. The idea gave her a reason to get out on her bike and the routes were easily planned and conveniently never too far from home. She hasn’t looked back since and regularly rides between 10 and 15 miles.

So do yourself a favour and do some good at the same time.

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