A little push in the right direction

So once again I have signed up to being a Breeze Champion for another twelve months which means giving up some of my time to leading group cycle rides for ladies. This kind of volunteering might not suit everybody but personally it works really well for me.¬† Renewing my commitment to British Cycling in their efforts to get 1 million more females out on their bikes means that my cycling has a purpose. I love the fact that I have a challenge that is not time constrained and does not require me to ride a specific mileage. It just gives me the little push that I need to get out on my bike on a regular basis and if I have ladies signed up to my rides then I have no excuse to get out there otherwise I’ll be letting other people down.

I would recommend becoming a Breeze leader to anyone no matter what type of cyclist they are. Taking on this task has encouraged me to seek out new routes, not to mention new cafe stops and most importantly I have made a huge amount of new friends through the experience. What’s not to like!

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